Friday, September 08, 2006

My Favorite Films

On the first day of my Story Analysis class at NYU a couple of years ago, our professor asked us to list down our five favorite films and our five least favorite films, including their corresponding log line. A log line is a one-sentence description of the movie, like those on TV Guide.

Completing my list of least favorite movies was a breeze. But more than the difficulty of compressing a two-hour movie into a single sentence, the challenge was in choosing the five movies that I like most. I've never bothered to make an inventory of the films that I've seen all these years so coming up with a list of favorites was really tough. While everyone was already discussing their favorite films before the class, I was still agonizing over my list. But I managed to come up with a fairly decent list before my three-hour class was over.

I have finally come up with a poster list of films that I really like. This is not a complete list. I'm sure that many would disagree with some of my choices.

Now you know why I had difficulty cutting my list down to five.

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